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The Veganator Soap Bar

The Veganator Soap Bar

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7-8 oz Handcrafted Soap

The Veganator is an eco-friendly alternative for my friends who love all things vegan. They desire to cleanse with soaps free from animal byproducts. The Veganator contains natural and wholesome ingredients that is sure to deeply moisturize, hydrate and nourish normal to dry skin.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Distilled Water, Sodium Hydroxide, Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil, Almond Sweet Oil, Colloidal Oats, Castor Oil. 

Want to stock up on a whole bunch of your favorite soap? Order our whole soap log cut or uncut. You'll receive 7-8 pounds. Handcrafted soaps take up to 6 weeks to cure, so you can experience a deep moisturizing  and nourishing cleanse. Your bulk order will be shipped 7 weeks from order date. 


RFW Handcrafted Soap Care & Information (Please add after ingredients for each soap)

  • RFW Bath & Body Soaps are handcrafted and all soaps are hand-cut, cured, and packaged; so shapes, colors, and sizes will vary.
  • Each bar will weigh approximately 7-8 ounces.
  • Upkeep: Handmade soap will last longer if kept dry between uses. Please use a draining soap dish and keep it away from direct streams of water.
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