Our Story

RFW Bath & Body Care was birthed from my passion to renew and restore my client's Temples from the inside out. Using clean products is part of living an optimal healthy life and I wanted to expose my clients to the same benefits my family and I have experienced since we’ve incorporated clean products into our everyday living.

Leaving A Legacy

My heart's desire is to leave a legacy for my children and impact future generations to live their best lives by making better health-giving choices such as clean eating and using clean products.

Catering to my client's personal care needs with products created with botanical and natural ingredients and with the absence of harmful ingredients is key. I wanted to create products that even my clients with sensitive skin or multiple chemical sensitivity would enjoy.

I also equip my clients through educational workshops and one-on-one consultations with knowledge and the benefits of using clean products so they can become informed consumers and active participants in their health.

I asked the Holy Spirit to guide me as I researched ingredients and created formulas to accomplish one of my missions at Restoration from Within. Our mission at RFW Bath & Body Care is to provide health conscious, high-quality products for men and women to enjoy their personal care experiences with the heightened confidence and peace of mind needed to restore and renew their bodies.

I pray throughout the entire creative process. Some of my prayers are that our products love on our client's skin, spark a conversation about Jesus, and that they are restored from within. It ignites my fire to hear my prayers answered via my client’s testimonies about how their skin feels after using RFW Bath & Body care products or how my products, infused with essential oils or phthalate free scents, work well with their body chemistry.

I really do the "happy dance” and shout when I hear how our products have helped with relieving itchy, dry, or irritated skin while deeply moisturizing and hydrating their skin.

RFW Bath & Body care is vested in giving back to the community. A portion of the proceeds from RFW Bath & Body products goes toward the support of Kingdom projects, local homeless and homeless veterans with the means to maintain decent health and hygiene. We are also desiring to partner with organizations that fight against human trafficking.

In essence, RFW Bath & Body Care loves on your skin holistically through prayer, education and products with quality ingredients you can trust.